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Farm Visits Now Available

Due to the COVID 19 virus, we can only allow 5 visitors at a time on the farm at this time. So we are making appointment for Saturdays and Sundays for groups of not more than 5 people. And, of course masks are required, to not only protect our visitors, but Mike & I as well!

The appointments are actually working out well, as we have more time to visit with each group.We may decide to keep this in place after the COVID crisis has passed.

We have 2 new female crias that are

Our Maremmas

I have always posted pictures of our amazing livestock guardian dogs over the years, but have not really talked about how and why we have them on our farm.

Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) are dogs that have been bred over the years to be working dogs that help protect animals and birds from predators. They are not herding dogs. They tend to just patrol fence lines, bark at potential threats (including people) that may have come onto the property that they are protecting and will physi

2019-A year to remember!

This past year seemed to just fly by on the farm! We were fortunate enough to be able to finally build our new farm store with the help of lots of friends. The process started in May and we were able to open the store on December 4th and held a 2-day Grand Opening. Visitors are able to interact with the alpacas right by the store and can then see products that are made with the amazing alpaca fiber. I was so very excited to finally be able to take product out of boxes and totes and put it out on

2017 in Review

Another year has gone by and with it many happy times with our alpacas along with some heartaches. It seems that time goes by so fast, probably because we are always busy.
We have three new babies this year, one female cria (Kelly) was born in July and two male cria (Smokey & Augi) were born within a day of each other in August. They are growing so fast! Our visitors during National Alpaca Farm Days in September were able to visit with them when they were only weeks old.

National Alpaca Farm Days this weekend

We will be open on Saturday, September 24th in celebration of National Alpaca Farm Days. Please come visit our 3 new cria ranging in age from 3 months to 6 weeks old. They are so much fun to watch! We will also be selling alpaca products which include socks, gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters and stuffed animals. We will have a special sale going on during the event - socks will be marked down 15%!!! This sale is only for those attending our event.
I will also demonstrate the process we go thr

Time flies.....

Wow1 It has been over a year since I last wrote. I can't believe how time flies by!

Lots of news on the farm in that time, but hard to remember all the happenings. Our little Miss Molly who was born on Labor Day, 2014 in now over a year old and is a wonderful little girl. I at first thought that she was a bay-black in color, but since shearing, we can now see that she is a true black. So very pretty! Can't wait to spin her fiber! Miss Molly has always been attached to our LGD Snowy. T

Mateo & Pedro

A sad day as our two oldest boys moved to a new home. Happy for them as they are going to a farm which has 5 acres of beautiful grass, a pond and lots of area to play in. A perfect retirement home for them and a wonderful caretaker who is going to spoil them more than they are already spoiled! They are going to be companion animals to an alpaca that is a year older.

Mateo & Pedro just turned 13 years old this month and they were our very first alpacas on the farm. We got them when th

Our new little girl!

After making her mom (Savannah) absolutely miserable for the past 3 weeks, little 'Miss Molly' was born on Labor Day, September 1st. Poor Savannah was so big while carrying her...I thought for sure that she would have a big baby, but to our amazement Miss Molly weighed in at only 13 lbs. 2 oz. But, mama has lots of milk and Miss Molly weighed in at almost 15 1/2 lbs. on Day 4!'s cold out there!

It was 12 degrees this morning at the farm. It was so cold that after Lady drank some water, she had icicles hanging from her chin!!! I was carrying 5 gallon water buckets to our upper pasture area because our hoses were frozen and by the time I got back to the house, the little bit of water in the bottom of the bucket was frozen! At least the alpacas are nice and warm! It is supposed to be colder tonight and possible snow in a couple of days. Looking forward to the warm up, but not the snow! Bu

Getting ready for the Holidays

Usually, about this time of year, I am looking for photo opportunities to take pictures of the alpacas to put on our Christmas cards. Snow is always good, but have not seen any up to this point. We had some hail on the ground yesterday morning, but melted away before I could get any good pictures. Besides, all the alpacas where very wet! Hopefully we will have a little snow for pictures soon. I have 4 beautiful babies to feature on our Christmas cards! I have attached pictures from past years ca

Looks like winter has arrived

After two weeks of wonderfully dry weather, the rain and wind have returned with gusto! I think that we must have had some wind gusts of close to 40 mph this morning...hoping that our power stays on today! I am not fond of fall/winter because everything is turning brown and dying and the grass stops growing for the alpacas. And...when the alpacas want to give me a hug, I get soaked!

Stocking up the store with gloves, scarves, sweaters and socks for the winter season. Christmas is jus

Getting prepared for winter

Well, the days are going shorter and wetter! Fall is not my favorite time of year - as I love all the flowers and natural beauty of the spring/summer and now it feels like everything is dying away. But, at least my outdoor chore list will be shorter! It is so funny that the alpacas loved to be sprayed with water, but with the first drop of rain, they run for shelter!

So now the process of preparing for the winter months is under way. Putting up a new portable shelter in our one new pa


Our youngest alpaca, Angel, was born on August 13th to our older dam, Arianna. A little history...Arianna came to us from an auction and is close to 14 years old. We do not know if she has ever had crias before, but suspected that she did. We registered her, but I had not really wanted to breed her. Then last summer decided to see if she would take to a breeding, in order to preserve her bloodlines.

Anyway, Angel was only a little over 13 lbs when she was born, which is small for our

Our Joe

I have to write a little about our Suri alpaca Joe. We purchased him from an auction almost two years ago and he has made great progress from when we first brought him home. Joe is not registered, but I did get some medical records which show his date of birth and supposedly his parentage. I was hoping to use him for breeding, but now not sure if we can use him as he really does not seem interested in the girls.

Joe was in a stall by himself at the farm where the auction was held....


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