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Mateo & Pedro

A sad day as our two oldest boys moved to a new home. Happy for them as they are going to a farm which has 5 acres of beautiful grass, a pond and lots of area to play in. A perfect retirement home for them and a wonderful caretaker who is going to spoil them more than they are already spoiled! They are going to be companion animals to an alpaca that is a year older.

Mateo & Pedro just turned 13 years old this month and they were our very first alpacas on the farm. We got them when they were 8 months old and I will miss them, but know that they are going to a loving home. I am sure that they are also happy to get away from all the youngsters who are always pestering them to 'play'. Mateo & Pedro were the only boys on our farm for about 5 years when they were finally joined by Kal-El, the first male born on our farm.